Packard Parts Catalog & Prices


Packard Defroster/Deflector 1935-37 Junior
unfinished yellow brass rough casting
$50.00 each


Packard Chrome Acorn Bolts
1/4" x 28 x 5/8" - $2.00 each
5/16" x 24 x 1-1/8" - $2.25 each
3/8" x 24 x 3/4" - $2.50 each
3/8" x 24 x 1-1/4" - $2.75 each


Packard Oil Strainer Screen
New Replacement oil pump screen for 1926-1936 (4th through 10th series) 8 cylinder Packard.  Packard Part number 163276.
$75.00 each

Packard Horn Vibration Damper Brackets
For 1932 Packard 901 through 906 models.
  $65.00 per set of two


Packard Hood End Anchors
For all 1935-1937 Junior models.  Sold as a pair (one front & one rear). Unfinished.
$70.00 per set.


Packard Bonnet/Hood Seal
Extruded rubber strip for lower rear edge of hood sides.  Provides  seal & cushion between hood & frame ledge.  For 1932 Packards.  One kit per car.
3ft ft kit for 901 & 902: $8.00
4ft kit for 903, 904, 905, 906: $11.00

Packard Gear Cover Retainer Washer
Made of 100% wool felt.  Exact duplicate of original.  For 320 CID & 385 CID 8-cylinder engines.
$8.00 each.

Packard Coil Mounting Base, 1935-36
8-cylinder, aluminum
$195.00 each


Packard Door Lock Latch spring, pre-war automobiles
$5.00 each


Packard Hood Support Brackets – Generic
Supports hood panels in open position without damage to hood.  Mounts on firewall.  Can be used on many pre-war Packards & other vehicles.
 $50.00 for set of two.

Packard Door Handle Retaining Clips 1951-56
We stock 4 separate clips for front, rear, left and right doors Specify body style and be sure to list the exact door the clip will be used on. All 4 clips are all different & not interchangeable.
$60.00 each

Packard Battery Disconnect Switch (small)
Disconnects battery completely from all circuits, eliminates battery drain, electrical fires & unauthorized operation.  For 6 and 12 volt systems.
$9.00 each

Packard Battery Disconnect Switch (large)
Can be installed anywhere in vehicle (hole required to mount switch)
 Heavy Duty.  For 6 and 12 volts.
$35.00 each

Packard Battery Box, Large, Under Seat, Senior
For all pre-war Senior Packards (except Clipper) with Group 2 Battery located under front seat. Dimensions: 7" H x 8" W x 10-1/2" L  Painted primer gray.
$65.00 each

Packard Bumper Guard, 1937-39
Unfinished yellow brass rough casting
$40.00 each

Packard Bumper Sticker
“My Other Car is A Packard”
$1.00 each

Packard Fuel Pump Heat Shield
Fuel pump/exhaust manifold heat shield.  Prevents vapor lock.  For most 1935-1942 model Packards, 6 & 8 cylinder. Unfinished. 
$25.00 each

Packard Windshield Wiper Blades
For most 1929 through 1950 Packards - $10.00 each.
(not available for 1940-1947 electric wiper systems)
Please provide length of old wiper blade when ordering

Packard License Plate Frame
        "My other car is a Packard” 
              Choice of Blue or Red

$11.00 each