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San Diego Region

Mission Statement


  • Provide activities and tours for our members to drive and display their Packards to other Packard aficionados and the public;


  • Through Packard outreach events and programs, educate and enlighten the general public about the existence and history of the "American Rolls Royce"; encourage and foster interest in someday owning a Packard;


  • Meet and encourage people who are interested in these classic cars to participate in Packard preservation;


  • Learn through educational opportunities about the history of Packard, the automobile and the company;


  • Preserve and protect this valuable resource and major piece of Americana.

    We currently have over 60 members in the San Diego Region who own a total of 90 Packards - ranging from 1927 to 1958 production year models.  We take pride in showing our restored motorcars to the public and we are on the road at least once a month.  Among our favorite activities activities are caravans, car shows, and parades in San Diego County.