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Frequently Asked Questions


    Must I own a Packard to join?

  • No, ownership of a Packard is not required, only an interest. However, should you desire to own a Packard, our members are an excellent source of information on Packards and where to find them.

  • Where do I find parts/service for my Packard?

  • Our membership has a wealth of information on parts sources and where to go for service. Everything from minor tune-up to full restorations.  We have an ongoing member project to grow and maintain a list of providers of services and products that are related to the restoration and maintenance of the Packard Motor Car.  Click here to be taken to our Member Referrals page.

    During what years were Packards manufactured??

  • The first Packard was driven on the streets of Warren Ohio on November 6, 1899.  Production continued in Warren until 1903 when Packard moved to Detroit, MI.  From 1903 to 1956 Packards were produced in Detroit, MI.  In 1956 Packard and Studebaker merged with the Studebaker name surviving.  From 1957 to 1958 a badged Packard was produced at the Studebaker plant in South Bend Indiana.  In all an estimated 1.5 to 1.6 million Packards were produced between 1899-1958.

    Do members drive their Packards to events?

  • Yes. Our members enjoy driving their Packards to club events and tours.  We believe that a Packard seen on the road is much more exciting than a Packard seen in a museum.  Our monthly activities are designed to get the cars out of the garage and onto the road.  We conduct tours throughout San Diego county.

    Why should I join?

  • One of the many benefits of joining our Region is the chance to meet and interact with others who share your interest in classis automobiles.  Our members are very knowledgeable on Packards, their history, service, and parts availability. Our national club, Packards International Motor Car Club, publishes a fine quarterly magazine and a quarterly newsletter, "The News Counselor".  National events such as the National Tour and National Membership Meet bring members together from all over the world.  Members show their cars, share information, as well as buy and sell cars, parts, and literature.  The San Diego Region hosts monthly tours and activities where members can meet and drive their Packards to points of interest in Southern California.  We also publish a monthly newsletter, "The Predictor" with news of upcoming events, technical tips, ads for Packard cars, parts, and literature.  The newsletter focuses on news of interest to our Region members.  Our Region is also engaged in the reproduction of selected Packard parts.  See Projects.