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Vendor Product and Service Referral List          


This list is a compilation of referrals from members of the San Diego Region regarding direct positive experiences that they had with Packard related service and product providers.  To qualify for inclusion on the list, the vendor must have provided a service or product directly to a Region member that is deemed by the member to be worthy of recommendation.




Company: Action Auto Care Center
Location: 807 D Street, Ramona
Phone: (760) 788-4849
Contact: Dave Radford, Manager
Referred by:  Todd Schonenberg
Service or Product Provided: Replaced springs, wheel alignment, rebuilt wheel cylinders, oil changes
Comment: Good quality, on time, and at a reasonable price. They also really appreciate our cars.


Company: Alan Taylor Company
Location: 1220 Industrial Avenue, Escondido, CA 92029
Phone: (760) 489-0657
Contact: Alan Taylor
Referred by:  Brian Wagner and Todd Shonenberg
Service or Product Provided: Exquisite restoration and repair of collector cars.
As you may know (but many members certainly do not) my 1934 Packard standard 8 Model 1100 was restored by the Alan Taylor Company.  Not only are they local, they provide Concours class quality results for their customers.  In 2007 a Taylor restored car took best of class and runner up for best of show at Pebble Beach.  My 1100 is an excellent example of the outstanding work Taylor provides.  I would recommend the Taylor shop for club members who need everything from body work to mechanical repairs, or an entire body-off restoration.  They have also worked on a number of other San Diego Region member cars doing a variety of routine repairs.
Website: http://www.alantaylorcompany.com/
Email: info@alantaylorcompany.com


Company: Decorative Metal Finishing
Location: 1996 Don Lee Place, Suite B, Escondido, CA 92029
Phone: (760) 746-3378
Contact: Mario Moreno, Plant Operations Mgr
Referred by:  Mark Burnside
Service or Product Provided: Very high quality re-chroming of smaller interior & exterior parts (a whole bumper would be too big, anything smaller is ok); quality powder coating, and buffing/restoration of stainless parts.  They have done all of this for me & I couldn't be happier.
Comment: Superb quality, on time, although a bit pricey (worth every penny of it in my opinion)
Website: http://www.DecoMetalFinishing.com
Email: Mario@DecoMetalFinishing.com


Company: Advanced Radiator Inc.
Location: 835 N. Andreasen Drive, Suite D, Escondido, CA  92029
Phone: (760) 738-1002 / (800) 792-1242
Contact: Ed Martin
Referred by:  Mark Burnside
Service or Product Provided: Disassembled, boiled and rodded out my '49 Super 8 radiator.  Reassembled, pressure tested, and painted beautifully - all for for a very resonable price.
Comment: These guys know their stuff.  Complete explanation after the work done as to what he found during the repair: amount of scale, rust, corrosion, etc.  Good guy.


Company: Hjeltness Restoration Inc.
Location: 630 Alpine Way, Escondido, CA 92029
Phone: (760) 746-9966
Contact: Jerry Hjeltness, President
Referred By: Todd Shonenberg
Service or product provided: Hjeltness Restoration's specialty is classic Mercedes restoration, particularly Gull Wings.
They also have experience with pre-war Packard restoration and should be considered for any high end restoration project.
Website: http://www.300slpros.com/


Company: Lindy's Auto Upholstery
Location: 7267 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego  92115
Phone: (619) 466-6354
Contact: Mario, Owner
Referred by:  Mark Burnside
Service or Product Provided: Re-covered leather front seat of my '49 limo.  Charged me half-price for the leather as some guy ordered it 6 months ago & put down 50% deposit but never picked it up.  He only charged me the unpaid balance.
Comment: Great job - done professionally and on time


Company: Vista Brake
Location: 790 E. Vista Way, Vista  92084
Phone: (760) 724-5157
Contact: Bryan Dornon
Referred By: Paul Santy
Service or Product provided:  All brake services
Comment: Bryan understands classic car brake systems. Provides good quality work at reasonable cost.


Company: Fisk Design
Location: 19496 Split Rock Road, Ramona  92065
Phone: (760) 789-9013 / (760) 207-6695 (mobile)
Contact: Lyle Fisk
Referred By: Paul Santy & Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided:  Wood graining and pin stripe services,  license plate restoration, flame/fire painting or decorating of any kind
Excellent workmanship and reasonable cost


Company: Valley Gear & Chain
Location: 1050 Linda Vista Drive #C, Vista  92078
Phone: (760) 744-4200
Contact: George Nieva
Referred By: Paul Santy
Service or product provided: Bearings and seals
Comment: Good pricing and availability


Company: Bill Meinerding
Location: P. O. Box 234007, Encinitas, CA 92023
Phone: (760) 634-0923
Contact: Bill Meinerding
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Upholstery, fabric or leather, carpeting, compartment paneling
Comment: Quality up to Pebble Beach


Company: West Coast Plating
Location: 2613 Temple Heights Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056
Phone: (760) 940-8777
Contact: Victor Ramos, Owner
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Chrome Plating, brass, polishing
Comment: Excellent quality results but is slow when busy, wants to please


Company: Chidgey & Son, LLC
Location: 311 State Street, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 238-0464
Contact: Jack Chidgey, Owner
Referred By: Karl Ramsing & Ron Crampton
Service or product provided: Metalsmiths: straightening and repairing headlight reflectors and silverplating
Comment: Many other restorations of fine silver pieces


Company: Restoration Supply Company
Location: 15182B Highland Valley Road, Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: (800) 306-7008 / (760) 741-4014 / (760) 739-8843 (fax)
Contact: Allan & Beth Schmidt Owners
Referred By: Karl Ramsing & Ron Crampton
Service or product provided: Hard to find parts/fixtures for your restoration project
Outstanding supplier for everything you cannot find elsewhere. Special nuts/bolts, electrical, fluids, connections, lubrications, etc.
Website: www.RestorationStuff.com


Company: Andy's Vintage Auto Glass
Location: 655 Minosa Avenue, Vista, CA 92081
Phone: (760) 727-3061 / (760) 726-0130
Contact: Andy Felix - Owner
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Custom auto glass, cutting and fitting, many fixtures, welding and repairing
Comment: Works well with special projects


Company: Vehicle Electrical Services
Location: Temecula, CA
Phone: (951) 375-7957
Contact: Kevin Gibbon, Owner
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Mobil Services, batteries, rewiring, troubleshooting/repair, starter/alternators/generators
Comment: Quality generator repair


Company: HDS Auto Parts & Machine
Location: 1960 West Mission, Suite 2, Escondido, CA 92029-1114
Phone: (760) 746-6110
Contact: Don White, Owner
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Surface machining, crankshaft, cams, balancing


Company: Crower Cams & Equipment Company
Location: 6180 Business Center Court, San Diego, CA 92154-5604
Phone: (619) 661-6477 / (619) 661 6466 (fax)
Reed Oliver, Sales
Referred By:
Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Resurfacing cams, crankshafts, machine work
Comment: Excellent work and prompt
Website: www.Crower.com
Email: Information@crower.com


Company: Olympic Coatings
Location: 2200 Micro Place, Escondido, CA 92029
(800) 630-9899
Kari Sanders, General Manager
Referred By:
Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Powder coating, sand blasting, thermal coating,
Comment: Very good and looks great


Company: Mesa Machine & Supply
Location: 2333 Auto Parkway, Escondido, CA 92029
(760) 743-5965
Bill Hunter
Referred By:
Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Complete engine rebuilding and resurfacing, parts: pistons, rings, valves, etc.


Company: Robert Gagnon
Phone: (858) 566-9878
Robert Gagnon
Referred By:
Ron Crampton
Service or product provided: Pinstriping


Company: Alex Ebenhoh
(760) 521-4630
Alex Ebenhoh
Referred By:
Phil Tarr & Phil Pizzuto
Service or product provided: Electrical trouble-shooting and radio repairs
Comment: Hobby - collecting & repairing vintage radios


Company: Sears Watch Repair Center
Location: Parkway Plaza, 575 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon 92020
(619) 441-1228
Octovio Espinoza, Technician
Referred By:
Phil Tarr & Phil Pizzuto
Service or product provided: Dash Clock repair
Comment: Electromechanical, cleaned and lubricated with excellent results


Company: Mark Ballerini
Location: 52 Trinity Street, Oceanside, CA 92057-6014
  (760) 473-4224 (mobile) / (760) 967-3806 (home)
Mark Ballerini
Referred By:
Karl Ramsing and Paul Santy
Service or product provided: Expert experience on all Packards from engine restoration to electrical, brakes, steering, and all mechanical.

Comment: Hours are limited due to a full time 4-day/week job.  Mark is very particular, precise, and accurate in all his work.  Easy to work with.


Company: Jim Woolsey
2052 Cima Court, Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 943-1338
Jim Woolsey
Referred By:
Brian Wagner
Service or product provided:
Rebuilt front end, new wheel cylinders, rubber brake lines, shocks, rear wheel bearings and seals on my 1940 120.  Adjusted clutch, brakes and steering box. Went over car before and after I purchased it.

Comment: Conscientious, thorough and knowledgeable.  For small repairs, he works on your car at his home,  For larger repairs, he comes to your house.  When was the last time a doctor made a house call?!
Email: cjdwoolsey@sbcglobal.net


Company: M.B. Service and Restoration
Location: 41665 Eastman Drive, Suite 50, Murrieta, CA 92562
  (951) 696-1129
Randy & Tony (owners)
Referred By:
Steve Ross
Service or product provided: Classic car service and restoration

Comment: They have provided excellent service for my Packard.


Company: E & M Auto Parts
Location: 1647 E. Main Street, El Cajon, CA  92021-5205
  (619) 444-3118
Referred By:
Larry Johnson
Service or product provided: Car parts

Comment: Lots of knowledge on older cars and parts. Have lot of parts and can get them, willing to help with problems


Company: Industrial Rubber Supply, Inc.
Location: 1099 Cuyamaca Street, El Cajon, CA 92920
  (619) 258-8170
Referred By:
Larry Johnson
Service or product provided: Rubber products

Comment: Purchased various rubber products and fabricated own special parts


Company: Southland Clutch
Location: 101 E. 18th Street, National City, CA 91950-4529
  (619) 258-8170
Referred By:
Larry Johnson
Service or product provided: Clutch repair

Comment: Rebuilt clutch & good service


Company: Foreign Speedo
Location: 2246-1/2 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92104
Referred By:
Ron Crampton and Paul Santy
Service or product provided: Speedometer repairs

Comment: Very reasonable repair and service costs.  Also, can send out clocks for repair at very reasonable cost, but may take some time.


Company: Marshall's Industrial Hardware
Location: 8423 Production Ave San Diego, Ca 92121-2022
John Marshall
Referred By:
Paul Santy
Service or product provided: Retail industrial hardware supply

Comment: Great source for hardware products and reasonably priced. 




Company: Uvira Reflectorization
Location: P.O. Box 1137 (USPS) 310 Pleasant Valley Road (UPS) Merlin, OR 97532

Phone:  541-474-5050
Contact: Bill Atwood
Referred By:
Paul Santy
Service or product provided: Headlight reflector coating
Comment: Process used for projector and camera lens refectors has a 92% reflectivity, same as silver, but will not tarnish. 


Company: MD Auto Body and Restoration,
Location: 5590 Howard Gnesen Road, Duluth, MN 55803
Phone:  (218) 721-4631
Contact:  Mike Dulinski
Referred by:  Robert Dougherty, MD
Service or Product Provided: As many 1956 Packard owners have learned, the metal shaft running down from the lock to the release mechanism for the trunk is prone to twisting and breaking.  When that happened to my 1956 Patrician, I called or wrote to several vendors of Packard parts.  All but one stated that he had none, and had numerous requests. One vendor stated that he had only one left, and wanted $50 for it.  Finally, I found that Mike Dulinski had a large number of them at $20 each.  Mr. Dulinski has dismantled 65 1955-56 Packards, and recently acquired another 15 or so for dismantling.  He also has some 1951-54 parts, mainly body parts.
Comment:  His prices appear to be generally fair, and it was easy to do  business with him.  As always, it may be prudent to check with more than one vendor for prices before buying.


Company: Antique Auto Supply
Location: 1225 Colorado Lane, Arlington, TX 76015
Phone: (817) 275-2381
Contact: Stacy Brown
Referred By: Paul Santy
Service or product provided: Primarily sells Big 3 parts, but does carry some Packard NOS electrical and suspension parts. 
Comment: Very reasonable prices
Website: www.AntiqueAutoSupply.com


Company: Tucson Packard
Location: 9101 E. 22nd Street, Tucson, AZ 85710
Phone: (520) 722-1984
Contact: Sandy Chirco Owner
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Packard fixtures from door handles to radio parts and windshield wiper repair.
Tucson Packard is our customer; Sandy buys project parts from PI San Diego Region for re-sale
Website:  www.PackardPartsOnLine.com


Company: MOMA
Location: 1321 Second Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: (505) 766-6661
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Thermostat and temperature gauge repair
Re-facing of gauges is outstanding but very long lead time to finished product


Company: Packard Seattle Compnay
Location: 7627 44th Street NE, Marysville, WA 98270
Phone: (425) 334-7754
Contact: David Moe - Owner
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Specializing in 1920 1958 Packard Parts. Parting 100 cars; new, used and reproduction parts; rebuilt fuel and water pumps in stock, new gasket sets and carb kits, manuals and literature, new water jackets; clutches, plates and throw-outs, headlight and taillight lenses,
Parts that you will not find elsewhere. Return policy is generous and easy to work with.
Email: dmoeenterprises@cs.com


Company: Olson's Gaskets
Location: 3059 Opdal Road East, Port Orchard, WA 98366
(360) 871-1207
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Gaskets for old cars, truck, tractors and industrial
Excellent service and good prices


Company: Paul's Rod and Bearing
Location: 6212 NW Bell Toad, Parkville, MO 64152
Phone: (816) 587-4747
Contact: Russ Schworer Owner
Referred By: Karl Ramsing
Service or product provided: Babbett bearing specialist
Lives up to his word and is on time. Quality work following minute details and measurements


Company: Bob's Speedometer & Automotive Services, Inc.
Location: 32411 Grand River, Farmington, MI 48336
(248) 473-9006
Referred By: Phil Tarr
Service or product provided:


Company: Water Temperature Guy
172 Laurel Hill Drive, So. Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 862-6374
Roy Martin
Referred By:
Paul Santy
Service or product provided:
Repairs water temperature gauges
Deal direct and save!


Company: Brake Hoses Unlimited
Location: 302 E 19th Street, Suite D, Holland, MI  49423
(616) 836-7885 (office) / (616) 582-6004 (fax)
Nick Christman
Referred By: Mark Burnside
Service or product provided: Vintage brake & clutch hoses for 1935 to 1958 Packards
Very high quality brake hoses; all hoses newly manufactured (with date code stamp), approved by Department of Transportation.  No NOS here.
Website: No web site, but Nick does have a store on eBay http://stores.ebay.com/Brake-Hoses-Unlimited

Email: goodbrakes@brakehoses.biz


Company: Yesterday's Radio
Location: 7759 Edgewood Lane, Seven Hills, Ohio 44141-5902
(216) 524-2018
Jerry and Joanne Vinarcik
Referred By: Todd Schonenberg
Service or product provided: YR specializes in radio, dash plastic and miscellaneous interior parts, including hard to find knobs and switches in the 1935-1946 era, with other parts back to 1930 and up to 1954.
Very nice to do business with
Website: www.yesterdaysradio.com
Email: Jerry@yesterdaysradio.com


Do you have a service or product vendor to refer?  If so, please send an email to markburnside@cox.net that  provides company name, location, phone, contact, description of service/product provided, and your comments regarding quality, price, and turnaround time.

If you utilize any of the vendors above, please email markburnside@cox.net with comments regarding your experience & satisfaction.  Your comments will be added to the comment section for the vendor.